Marketing Detailing

Want to market your detailing business with kickass radio?

My name is Scot Richardson. Do you think $10,000 in radio advertising will help sell your services?

Let me tell you how Detail City got me that for no money and improved business for me. It can do the same for you!

I’ve owned and operated the original Detail City here in Santa Rosa, California for over 30 years. I started at age 35.

Yes, I know how it feels to have $10,000 worth of radio advertising promoting your business for zero cash!

I’ve done it. I’m going to tell you how you can do it, too, and become part of a national network of detailers, all benefiting from each other’s radio advertising.

So let’s concentrate on going high-end and getting out a professional radio ad that sets you apart from your competitors and projects your company in a way people will remember when they need detailing and call you.

How do you get the radio advertising for no cash?

I’ve got three things to share with you that will make it all possible:

  1. The name, Detail City,
  2. My professional commercial jingle, and
  3. A proven plan on how to get local media airtime free. Pick your station, pick the best, choose the most popular, what do the “well to do” listen to?

Let me first say, I love detailing, I love making people happy and doing more than expected at no extra cost. [I do not have love for auto dealers. Don’t get me started on “clearcoat protection.”]

Listen up!
Auto Detail Owner Operators

Add your name to our DetailCity jingle and be part of a nationwide movement.

Join us and you will receive a professionally produced radio jingle:

“Sparkle up at DetailCity for that first class feeling
“Sparkle up at DetailCity for that first class feeling
“Shine on at DetailCity, shine on, shine on.”

Learn how to approach local media so you will be able to advertise your shop for free on your area’s most popular station.

This works because everyone wins! You win, the radio station wins, and your customers win.

Potential customers will hear your detailing ads in their businesses, homes, and cars.

Attract high-end vehicles and let the others toil over thankless dealers and dealerships.

Why would the most popular radio station in your area give you $10,000 in airtime to promote your detailing business and be happy to do it?

  • Media executives love perks and have more “time” than money.
  • You make their fleet of vehicles look sharp, which reflects well on them. That means more ad sales.
  • Your business commercials will attract other paying businesses that buy advertising.

Two things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t ask them to discount their prime spots,
  • Charge $300 or more for a complete detailing.

Pop quiz: can you name two other businesses more perfect together for an ongoing trade? It’s a perfect marriage, boisterous and flashy.

Here’s the magic…

  • Once a vehicle is completely detailed it’s easy to keep up.
  • Stick with designated vehicles, no family members or contest giveaways and stick with the contract.
  • Commercials can be run in bunches at peak times or spread out so you appear to always be on the air.
  • You’re guaranteed 50 square miles airspace around your shop. Multiple shops will be charged accordingly.

In the future, when it is time to sell your business, the value will be much higher thanks to the awareness in your community resulting from radio advertising.  Bob’s DetailCity will sell…Bob’s Detail won’t sell.  Someone will simply steal your Dealer accounts right out from under you.

We deliver a professional jingle, including lead in, follow-up or message in the middle, perfectly orchestrated, easily remembered, the first three notes are created from two steel bars for that metal sound.

When a customer hears your ad over their car radio and looks around, they’ll put two and two together and call you.

Tech tip:  Mention your phone number at least three times.

Questions? Call me, Scott at 707 575-3113

And finally, when you hear your jingle for the first time, believe me, it’s a beautiful thing.

If you’re thinking “why don’t I simply get on the radio myself without a jingle,” consider this:  you’ll sound hokey. How about a guy with a guitar for a thousand dollars? Embarrassingly hokey.

What if I pay $5000 for a professional jingle? That’s fine but you will be alone. As our network grows, we give you the backup of other detailers playing your song nationwide. And as people move from town to town, state to state you’ll stand out and be recognizable.

When a customer hears your jingle over a radio station with a forty-second message read aloud by a professional DJ, it won’t matter if your shop is big or small or if you have 10 employees or are a family affair.

You will resonate confidence, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Now get out there and look sharp!

Scot Richardson


Here is a Sample Detail/Media Contract

3 Executives’ vehicles
@ $350, detailed four times a year
= $4200

3 Salespeople/Announcers’ cars
@ $300, detailed four times a year
= $3600

2 Mobile Units
@400, detailed four times a year
= $3200

That’s $11,000

32 details! OMG, that’s a lot of work!

Settle down,. These are “designated” vehicles.  That means no friends, relatives, or contest giveaways.

In reality its:

8 details
8 washes and waxes
16 washes, but every time it counts as a detail.  Why?  Because you are going over spills, marks, bumper scuffs, etc…A few minor details that say “detailed.”

Even if they all show up four times a year you are getting off easy.   My experience, they don’t and when your one year contract ends, you start over with a clean slate (no rollovers).  That’s what a one year contract means.

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