Marketing Auto Detailing Services

Get $10,000 or more in Local radio advertising for your detailing business…for no out-of-pocket cash!

How will radio advertising help you make money?

Are you spending most of your time and energy working for car lots and dealerships, creating employment and revenue for them while you just barely break even? STOP IT! Get the profitable business you deserve. Guaranteed!

Like every savvy business person, you’re looking to grow your private customer clientele without spending a ton of money on unpredictable results. We’ve got your latest and best solution for you.

Trade your minimal detailing services for radio advertising! We show you how!

Thousands will hear your radio ad each week…and drive right to your door!

“Detail City Network” has proven techniques to teach you how to trade services for valuable, local, effective advertising and marketing.

How do we do it?  I’m Scot, your secret weapon and the founder of the original Detail City in Santa Rosa, California. I’ve been detailing vehicles successfully since 1984. I’ve cracked the code on how to forge effective barter relationships with local media. With my turn-key package YOU can grow your detailing business and become the dominant supplier in your area!

If you’re already well established, this program will secure your position as the top dog in your area. If you’re just getting started, we will accelerate the growth of your business by helping you leverage local media effectively and affordably.  That means people will be calling you directly and remembering you when they need detailing.

Jingles are great advertising tools because it is hard to forget a jingle once you hear it.  The first time it is new, but by the third time, it has become an old friend and grown in reputation.

We are going to give you a jingle that will be personalized to your business.  Run it in your local radio market to drive customers right to your door.

When you join the Detail City Network, we’ll show you how to convert a few detailing commitments into a steady stream of local ads that promote and grow your business.

You will get:

  • Connector.

    Your own Professional Jingle

    A professionally crafted and produced jingle that’s “radio-ready,” to which you can easily add specific information about your operation. (You can listen to an example by clicking on the triangle of the audio player at the bottom of this page.)

  • Connector.

    Media List

    A customized list of local media outlets and contacts to get you started quickly and easily. We’ll tell you how, too.

  • Connector.

    Customer Bill of Rights

    A “Customer Bill of Rights” that showcases your commitment to treating every customer with respect and professionalism.

You won’t have to spend any money on ads or production. No monthly fees. No supplies to buy. No training program, and no interruption of your core business.

Don’t let your competitors beat you to the punch. Own your area exclusively!

Sign up now, and we’ll get you started on your way to dominating your local airwaves in your local market.

Or if you have questions, call me, Scot, directly at 707-575-3113, or e-mail me at, or use the convenient Contact Form.

Find out now...and drive business to your door!

In closing: this is an opportunity to be a part of something big, if you don’t jump on it someone else will and your one chance will be gone. We only allow one person in each market. Someone else will own your airspace and when you don’t own your airspace, you suffocate.

The price is more than reasonable, the concept is honest and forthright. It’s By-detailers-for-detailers…no ceo, no boardrooms.

As we grow so will “our” influence, your ideas and input will matter. The first 100 to join will enjoy a 50% discount off the initial membership fee of $2000 to $1000, and then an annual fee of only $500. I trust you to continue with your annual dues, because if payments are discontinued, then local media will be notified of liability and must stop airing our jingle. Sounds harsh but honest in its simplicity. Besides you’re not going to want to quit. $500 a year is equal to one complete detail on an F350!

When your initial payment of $1000 is processed, we will send you 5 cd’s with your radio or tv jingle in 3 formats: lead in, message in the middle, or message at the end. That has approximately 40 seconds for you to compose any message you see fit as part of your 60 second commercial. “Air time” is free because radio executives love perk’s…freebies. The concept of minutes for hours will intrigue them and the idea of a great looking fleet will excite them.

Other local businesses will see how easy it is for you to advertise (thinking that you are paying cash) and the station will profit. Production of your spot is always free because you don’t rush them, an idle announcer will be told to do it. Pick the most popular station and pick the announcer whose voice you like most.

Seriously, if you don’t get it by now then you’re spending too much time in the trunk!

Call me, Scot, directly at 707-575-3113, or e-mail me at, or use the convenient Contact Form.

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